Da Brim Sporty Helmet Visor

Da Brim

Ultamite vizibility and protection. The Sporty is the smaller version of the Da Brim Classic, offering improved performance for faster riders and excellent 360° UPF50+ sun protection. 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection. The adjustable front visor can be angled so you have a clear forward view while riding in a head down riding position. Tested to combined wind speeds of 35 mph. One size fits most. 4.3 oz. Installation instructions.


  • Requires no modifications to your helmet or sticky adhesives
  • Improves air flow through helmet vents, promoting cooling
  • Helps block glare
  • Adjustable front visor angle to see forward while in a head down riding position
  • Front strap keeps brim from coming down and impairing vision
  • Rear brim height adjustment for use with backpacks and mirrors
  • Reinforced brim edge for added stability
  • Engineered to withstand the wind forces imposed by outdoor activities. Comfortable in combined wind speeds of up to 35 mph (sum of your speed and wind from all directions.)
  • UPF50+ brim (helmet attachment crown not rated)
  • As with other visors, does not provide top of head sun protection
  • 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection. Dimensions are of the brim itself. If comparing to a favorite hat that sits against the head, add the thickness of the helmet (typically 3/4" -1")
  • Lightweight (weighs approximately 4.5 to 5 oz.)
  • Water Resistant
  • 100% Nylon exclusive of decoration for black/gray/tan/white, 60% nylon/40% polyester for pastel ribbons and fluorescent yellow colors
  • Hand wash, hang to dry
  • One size fits most
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Average rating: based on 25 reviews.

Hard to go downhill -- acts like a sail


Reviewed By: Ben P. on 3/21/23

If you are going on the flat all day without a lot of wind, it is great. But if you are going downhill and think you might get up to 20 mph, it becomes a pain. It really effects your aerodynamics when going downhill. I had to tilt my head quite far forward to make it so the air went over the top of it rather than the huge brim acting as a parachute and slowing me down while also being a bit unsafe. On windy days, especially gusty ones, it acted like a sail and get me momentarily off balance. I loved it when going on the flats and knowing the ride was flat all day. But on days that included hills, I strapped it on the back of my rack for more visibility. In my 100 days going from Lisbon to Trieste, I probably only used it as a brim for 10-12 days, the rest of the time it was strapped over the stuff on my rear rack to improve visibility. I probably won't bring it again unless the route is very flat.

We should get a commission


Reviewed By: Charles Dye on 12/8/22

My bikepacking family of 4 all have one of these for high altitude trips in the West (NM, CO, UT, MT, Canada) and we all adore them for keeping the burning sun off our faces. Never had a problem with wind, etc. I used this smaller 'sport' version for a summer, then upgraded to the larger version last summer and I like that more. (AC should sell both versions. I got mine direct from DaBrim.) No matter where we go, EVERYONE asks us about our visors and wants to know where they can get one.

I've used mine for 10 years - and love it


Reviewed By: John Mosley on 9/1/22

I've worn mine on all rides for 10 years (so that's about $5/yr) and love it. I'm oblivious to the so-called "dork factor" but really like keeping my face and ears shaded while I ride. And I do get quite a few compliments. I recently saw a fluorescent yellow go by and I'll probably upgrade to it. I like to be visible.

More than a sunshade!


Reviewed By: Derek on 10/28/21

I really love this sunshade and wish I'd bought one years ago! I am on day 9 of using it on the Atlantic Coast route, and can report: -It effectively keeps the direct sun off my neck and face, preventing sunburn and freeing me from applying sunscreen to my face all the time. -It stays on and in place, even in very high winds. There have been strong winds over the causeways, and the visor stayed in place. The wind does tend to catch it like a sail occasionally, but tipping my head into the wind stops that, and I got used to the added weight and movement quickly. -It is waterproof and will keep rain out of your face and off yout neck. I didn't buy it for that purpose, but really appreciated it on the days it's been raining! -It will keep sand out of your face. Riding in the Outer Banks, strong winds were peltimg me with sand. Tipping the brim down kept the sand out of my face, while I could still see the road ahead of me. -It works well with my Sena bluetooth helmet. The brim sits just above the buttons, so I can still get at them. Slightly pulling down the back part of the brim revelas the charging port. -It is extremely visible and a number of non-bikers commented on how visible it is. -Other bicyclists will be jealous! A pair of riders doing a similar ride to mine said they're going to order some and have them shipped to them.

Amazing accessory


Reviewed By: Ernie Gonzalez on 7/1/21

Does an amazing job of keeping my face shielded from the sun. Highly recommend it!

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