Northern Tier Section 4

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Dickinson, ND - Fargo, ND (342.6 miles)
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June 2020

From Dickinson to Fargo, the route follows a portion of I-94, county roads and state highways. The highways east of Bismarck carry very little traffic. Long, straight stretches are the norm. In broad terms, the terrain is a vast, open plain that slopes downward from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. Local relief is very gentle, with the exception of a few hills across river breaks.

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Dickenson to Leonard, ND


Reviewed By: Jay Girard on 7/6/19

We used map 4 to navigate across ND, to Leonard, where we dropped south into the Sheyenne National Grasslands, which was stunning. This caused us to detour through Colfax, ND, and pick up the NT route in Carslile, north of Fergus Falls. The drivers of North Dakota were amazingly polite, and the people were decidedly helpful and kind. Despite horrendous head winds, North Dakota is one of our favorite states from our cross country tour. Headed east from Bismark, there is a tiny town, Moffit. For those out of water, there is a marked spigot on the back side of the post office (the bar does not have water) with poorly tasting water. This section included the prairie potholes from Gackle to Enderlin, which had so many migratory waterbirds of so many varieties, it was a bird lover's delight. The small town city parks and pools of North Dakota were not what we expected for economically stressed areas--just beautiful and full of pride. The city park of Marion, off road a few miles, is the most beautiful park, in a town with no services outside of an auto store with cold sodas. There is now a convenience store/small grocery just south of the intersection of 46 and 1, which is a huge relief on this long desolate stretch between Gackle and Enderlin. Enderlin is a cyclists retreat, with little maps they pass out with everything you'd need marked! Did we mention how much we loved ND? Excellent routing on this map.

Great map!


Reviewed By: Debra Koltveit on 9/3/09

Rugby ND is a town worth going to; the Prairie Village and Museum is good and the Cornerstone Cafe had good food. It's also 46 miles from the International Peace Garden--another worthy destination. The map lists a restaurant in Esmond, go for the special! It closes at 2 pm, so get there early.

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