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Vancouver, BC - Imperial Beach, CA (1,853.4 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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The scenic Pacific Coast Route travels from Vancouver, B.C., to Imperial Beach, California. Breathtaking cliffs, redwood forests, lighthouses, beaches, and a rugged coastline makes this a very popular route. Discover the beauty to be found between Canada and Mexico.

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A one-of-kind resource route map resource!


Reviewed By: Albert England on 8/5/21

A must-have for anyone planning to ride the Pacific Coast. The maps are printed on Tyvek (or comparable substrate) and take an incredible amount of abuse without tearing. Unlike my smartphone, these maps need no batteries and are fully functional even when wet. Having ridden the Coast several times using other resources I found the routes to be well thought out and appropriate for riders on fully loaded touring bikes. While I didn't always agree with Adventure Cycling's cartographers on route choices I did understand their underlying rationale.

A Good Base Plan!


Reviewed By: Jack Lawless on 1/4/19

I bought the Northern Tier through New England last year and was not disappointed. I sometimes ended up on dirt roads, but the scenery was worth it. This year will be the Pacific Coast and I really needed help in getting through the huge cities along the way. I’ll rely on the local experts that contributed to the maps to keep me moving in the right direction.

Solid foundation


Reviewed By: Peter Baenziger on 7/7/18

These maps provide a solid foundation for planning a tour and could be all you need. It is helpful but not necessary to supplement with other resources. I would like to see more elevation / grade information and some justification why other roads aren't used ("steep grade avoided"; "best views using this approach").

Excellent customer service


Reviewed By: Mike Regan on 7/7/18

When I received my new maps I noticed they were similar to the set that I bought a few years back except for some updates that were attached on pieces of paper. I contacted Max S at Adventure Cycling and he directed me to a website where I could get the updates online for free and gladly refunded my money for the duplicate map set. Great customer service Max!

Better than the book


Reviewed By: Philip Fowler on 8/17/13

I have to disagree with another reviewer. On my ride I found the 'Bicycling the Pacific Coast' book to be inaccurate. Almost everyone that I met on the route was using the Adventure Cycling Maps. Those that weren't were begging to borrow and copy them. There were numerous occasions where the Adventure Cycling maps routed you off the roads and onto wonderful bike paths. I recall meeting some cyclists in Arcata that had followed the book along the highway (through construction); whereas, I had followed a delightful bike path through farmland. Using the Adventure Cycling maps I took a small ferry across the Columbia River; those using the book rode across the bridge (terrifying I am told). The Advenure Cycling maps may take a slightly longer route; but, they always take you along safe roads and to scenic spots.

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